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    Work with MBSG and Marshall Undergraduate Career Services to implement a

    professional event for the greater Marshall community


    The MBSG Student Incubator Program is a new, innovative initiative that aims to transform the professional landscape of networking and industry-related growth within the Marshall School. Under this program, students will have the unique opportunity to bring their own industry-related passions, professional connections, and career desires to MBSG and the Marshall Undergraduate Career Services. Through a simple submission process, students will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas for professional events to MBSG and the Career Services Team. Through continued communication and meetings, representatives from both organizations will assist in the ideation and implementation of your ideas.


    If one’s event is chosen for incubation, the individual works hand in hand with Marshall Career Services and MBSG higher-ups to plan and put on the event. This enables the individual to form connections with Marshall community leaders as well as members of the Marshall administration. Furthermore, the individual has the option to include their work in putting on an event for the overall USC community on their resume, thus showcasing leadership and teamwork skills.

    Raffle System

    Feeling timid about pitching an event yourself? New to networking? No problem! Through our raffle system, you don’t have to pitch ideas to reap the benefits! By participating in our events, your name will be automatically entered into raffles, where winners will receive invitations for smaller, more intimate events with industry professionals, recruiters, and more.

    Professional Development

    Working directly with our MBSG and MUCS teams has a number of opportunities for your professional development:

    • Stimulate your professional growth
    • Allow you to work with Marshall organizations on a different, more client-facing level
    • Demonstrate actionable leadership skills as you work to co-host your own events. 
    • it looks great on a resume!

    Your Voice

    We want to hear from you! We want to know what type of industries you are looking to explore and how we can best help you explore them. Through this partnership with Marshall Undergraduate Career Services, MBSG is looking for your ideas and getting ready to turn them into real events.