• MBSG's Podcast: The Memo

    New business insights from Marshall alumni, professionals, and student leaders to help you in your journey from college to c-suite.

  • Memo 4: Insights from the Vice Dean

  • To: Students of the undergraduate business community

    From: Vice Dean Callahan – USC Marshall Undergraduate Programs

    Re: Insights from the Vice Dean

    Dean Callahan shares his path from majoring in Engineering to working in Marshall administration. He also shares his hopes and aspirations for the growing Marshall community and his advice for the young Marshall undergraduate students.

  • Memo 3: Building Doors for Women in Finance

  • To: Women, or anyone, seeking careers in finance

    From: Amanda Douglas – USC President of Smart Woman Securities

    Re: Building Doors for Women in Finance

    Being a woman in the finance industry has always been perceived as a disadvantage that is extremely difficult to overcome. Amanda Douglas shares how she successfully navigated the rigorous finance recruiting process and secured an internship at JPMorgan. She currently guides other women interested in pursuing a career in the industry through Smart Woman Securities, a Marshall student organization.

  • Memo 2: Captain Whitson's Approach to Discipline

  • To: Those who want an inside look of discipline

    From: Captain Casey Whitson – USC Alum and Portfolio Manager

    Re: Captain Whitson's Approach to Discipline

    Following orders or adhering to rules is not something many of us are inclined to do. Captain Whitson, however, shares how adherence to these rules have taught her the important value of discipline. With this discipline, she has conquered challenges in her career in the air force and succeeded as a portfolio manager in the finance industry today.

  • Memo 1: Snapping Into Different Industries

  • To: Curious individuals exploring their career path

    From: Neil Dewan– USC Alum currently at Snapchat

    Re: Snapping into Different Industries

    Deciding on the perfect career path can be quite difficult. Many of us constantly seek for that one option that suits us, but we can never seem to find the right one. Neil Dewan shares his journey from one industry to the other and explains how he conquered the fear of uncertainty in shifting careers.