• P A S S I O N

    P R O J E C T S

    2018-2019 school year details yet be released. Please check back later.

  • Passion Projects

    Marshall Business Student Government is excited to announce the introduction of Passion Projects @ USC. We are looking to distribute grants to 5-10 students who will receive up to $300 to pursue an interest of theirs they have not had the opportunity to explore due to a lack of funds, the business of being a student, or even not sitting down to think about your passion.


    In Marshall, the pursuit of careers perpetually carries our thoughts from our freshman to senior year. In this pursuit, at times we can lose sight of what we genuinely enjoy. Passion Projects intends to push individuals to rekindle a passion, or find it, and push it into tangible form by the end of the project semester.


    If this description even slightly touches an interest, MBSG highly encourages you to apply for this grant. We are ecstatic about the launch of this program and hope to see some great projects next semester!

  • Program Structure


    • Faculty Advisors
    • Fellow Grant Recipients
    • Passion Project Team
    • MBSG


    • Monthly Meetings
    • Roundtable Discussions
    • Updates on all projects


    • Opportunity to share something with the Marshall Community at the end of the Spring semester
  • Evaluation



    How likely can this project be completed? Potential pit stops? We want to see that your project is well thought out and there is a response for foreseeable risk.



    We are interested in seeing you pursue something you have a passion in, but also be able to convey this interest to other students through your project.



    How efficiently is the grant money going to be used. Create a tentative budget and timeline for the project with details on where the grant will be used.

  • Timeline

    TBA- Info Session

    TBA- Approved Projects Announced Online

    TBA- Grant Recipient Info Session @ TBD


    Questions? Email uscmbsg@gmail.com to reach us.