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  • Committees

    Our committee structure drives our projects and initiatives


    VP: Shaila Lundal

    The Administration branch of MBSG focuses on everything internal. Our HR directors establish the procedures for recruiting new associates through the application process, interviews, and mixer, and are responsible for the on-boarding of all new members throughout the semester. Our Fellowship directors are in charge of all events for the development and betterment of the organization internally. These events are very social and can range from retreats, invites, bonfires, post-meeting outings, and more. Finally, we also have the Secretary, who is in charge of logging all the minutes and attendance per meeting, and maintaining a timeline of the semester that logs all events in the org.

    Marketing Strategy

    VP: Emily Pang

    A concentrated focus on crafting the public image of MBSG to the undergraduate Marshall community– from our professional and social events to our recruitment efforts and student initiatives. We utilize strategic design to enhance our marketing campaigns and create student engagement. Our digital presence via social media and physical outreach events form the bridge that connects student government to the student body– the key to building our community and the Marshall network. We are always seeking forward-thinking designers and marketers that utilize creativity to amplify their business impact.

    Professional Affairs

    VP: Jonah Kijel

    The professional affairs committee aims to leverage untapped resources, which include faculty members and alumni located worldwide, to spark professional growth within the Marshall student body. It serves to bridge the gap between the Marshall Career Services team and the student body to create a better understanding of the professional requirements of the students and effectively address them with the school’s support. Ultimately, our goal is to hone Marshall’s professional arena not only through networking events, but also through projects and services that would allow students to have a wider career perspective and to generate new strategic business insights.

    Student Affairs

    VP: Claire Choe

    The Student Affairs committee is a student-centric branch of MBSG that acts as the main bridge between Marshall students and administration. We are responsible for pushing any policy changes or new initiatives that would make Marshall better for the students, such as extending Fertitta hours or free printing for Marshall students. Additionally, this committee ideates, plans, and executes large scale events for business students that are of social value, professional value, or both. Some of our past events have included Freshman Business Week, Meet the Deans, and Marshall Ball. We are always looking for fresh and innovative ideas to enhance Marshall, and associates in this committee will be able to take initiative to make lasting change.

    External Affairs

    VP: Emily Savage

    The purpose of MBSG External Affairs is to serve as an umbrella organization for all Marshall Recognized Student Organizations (MRSOs). Our mission is to ensure that every MRSO is provided with all the resources, guidance, and support needed to maximize the opportunities available for their members and the Marshall undergraduate community, as well as to develop new initiatives to continually help organizations improve and succeed.


    VP: Gabby Heitmann

    The Finance committee handles MBSG’s financial affairs, including: the processing of cash receipts and disbursements in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner; the creation of financial forecasts and budgets of MBSG’s revenue/expenses; the implementation of fundraising initiatives to support the needs of the organization; and the allocation of funding to different Marshall student organizations.

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

    VP: Jada Salazar

    The DEI committee works together with all other committees to address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within MBSG and within the Marshall community. We plan to spread positivity and to relay the awareness of DEI through events, social media, trainings, and town halls for all students and MBSG members. As a student government, we believe that DEI is of utmost importance and we plan to work together to convey the significance of DEI.

  • Our Values

    1. We are leaders striving to make an impact.

    MBSG strives to develop leaders. Leadership is not dependent upon the title, but it is dependent upon an individual's ability to take action and achieve results.


    2. We are creative.

    MBSG strives to be creative in its programming and new initiatives. MBSG events seek to prepare and connect students for the professional world in a unique way.


    3. We value diversity.

    MBSG strives for a diverse environment and an atmosphere of collaboration. It seeks for an open community that can grow positively together.


    4. We are professional.

    MBSG strives to maintain a professional relationship with its students, alumni, and recruiting firms. It seeks to be professional at all MBSG programs to uphold the reputation of its student body and the Marshall School.


    5. We pay it forward.

    We recognize our incredible opportunity. We stand on the shoulders of those before us and it is our responsibility to invest our time and resources in building a better future.


    6. We're a family.

    The #MBSGFamily is more than just a community, it spans beyond classes, organizations, and traditional networks. We put ourselves in the shoes of others and do our best to gain perspective and create mutual respect. We are lifelong friends who grow and learn together.